Storms Such as These: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, etc.

Archangel Michael wanted to add his comments on the subject of storms we are experiencing to the message Archangel Faith shared on spiritual weather report:

There are many nuances to storms such as these. Are they created by God intentionally? No, not really. But, there are many contributing factors to them and God does have his hand within. But, it may not be as you think.

Storms are created by many things. There could be global, atmospheric, planetary as well as human contributing factors.

Let us address these storms, however, more specifically. This is a time of much rebalancing and cleansing. This is an opportunity to choose sides no matter what circumstances show. You always have the opportunity to choose how you will react to anything. These storms are bringing up much for many. By triggering that which is within to be released, you each have an opportunity to recognize and release that which is not in balance. If you are threatened by the storms, that is telling. If you are frightened, but mobilized to right action, you may suspect the consequences serious. However, if immobilized by fear, you may be tapping into stuck energy that needs to be released. Anytime anyone has stuck energy, a catastrophe such as the devastation by a storm, could be the very vehicle to release that which is stuck.

Much is being brought to the surface. Much has an opportunity to be cleansed. Let go of what you carry within that is unnecessary and you may actually find the storm easier to manage.

You also may have been a contributing factor to the storm as well. If you have unreleased, as well as released emotions, swirling around, you may be part of the dynamic of the human condition contributing to the rising up of the storm in the first place. Yes, there may be other contributing factors but don’t discount the part you can affect change with – your thoughts and emotions.

No matter what circumstances present, the main thing to remember is to return to a place of peace and connect with God from within your own heart to be guided accordingly. You are always safe with God at the helm. Remember that and remember that always. Things are not always what they appear.

Archangel Michael


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