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Spiritual healing takes into consideration that all aspects of life start in the spiritual before they materialize or are experienced on the physical level. Spiritual healing addresses both the cause and effects of a situation. It can also be used as a preventative. For example, if you clear space or a future event, you can release elements in advance that could possibly cause a challenge.

There may be contributing factors on the physical level but there is always a spiritual component.

When you clear or heal the contributing factors on the spiritual level, you can more easily change the effects that are experienced on the physical level.

When there is history of contributing factors or memories that affect a particular area of life, whether spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, relationship, etc., if you release, clear or heal that history on the spiritual level, changes occur more easily on the physical. Even if you take physical action to change something, when the spiritual aspect is addressed first or in conjunction, the physical effort may go quicker, smoother or easier.

Sometimes when you heal the spiritual, physical action is no longer necessary.

In spiritual healing, we are connecting with, God an omnipotent power, who knows our blueprint, our history, our circumstances and our possibilities as well as all in creation. By accessing the subconscious, the memory bank and computer of the individual, we are able to access and release the hidden causes of challenges to create more effortless change and attract more favorable outcomes.

The Akashic Records may also be accessed to determine what needs to be cleared and released during a spiritual healing session. The Akashic Records contain your complete past as recorded history.

All work can be done remotely because it is done on the spiritual level, which has no limitations of time and space.

Work can be done on individuals through the client, such as employees and family members. The soul of each individual has the opportunity to accept or reject the healing.

All healing has God as the ultimate arbiter. This means that no matter what is included that which is for the highest good only will be released from a session. This creates a safety net of sorts to make sure we are correct in releasing karma, for example. Because when you change the past, you change the future, God must be the final arbiter as the only one who can see all that is. Also, when it comes to karma, there are occasions when God won’t let the karma be released until a more optimal time often giving the benefit for the lesson to be cemented which is for your highest good.

There may be a time and place when spiritual healing can be used in conjunction with medical care but it is not intended to replace medical care. If someone is taking drugs, the only one who should be consulted on those drugs is the medical prescriber.

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