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Dr. Joy Pedersen worked as a paralegal early in her career. As a spiritual healer, that background has been useful to understand various aspects of legal matters to help spiritually and energetically clear them.

When she addresses the legal matters themselves, she is looking at the casual and karmic level as well as clears with all parties and proceedings of the matter. She tunes in and addresses each matter individually and each session is customized to what is brought to her attention by either the client or guides. She uses her intuitive and healing gifts to then address and release the contributing factors to help heal the situation by restoring all to balance. All is put in the hands of divinity for ultimate healing and completion.

All is taken into consideration for the highest good of the client and the specific nature of legal matter being addressed.

Since layers of information may be contributing to the matter, as well as free will, and changes occur during the entirety of a legal matter, it is optimal to clear at various intervals. With each clearing, the ultimate outcome may be improved.

Situations that have been addressed have included:

  • real estate
  • criminal cases
  • sales transactions held up in legal review
  • business dealings
  • contracts