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The 3 Hidden Benefits of Expressing Gratitude

By Dr. Joy S. Pedersen

expressing gratitude

Giving thanks is one of the most important behaviors you can employ. By giving thanks, it means you are in acceptance of blessings. There are many blessings you are given but you don’t fully receive them unless you are truly grateful. Being grateful is like the finishing touch on the process of giving and receiving. You don’t fully receive unless you feel grateful.

1. The Benefit of Completion

When you fully receive, you are whole and complete. You are whole and complete in the transaction and with the person who gave to you. When you are complete and the transaction is complete, the giver is also complete. You often clear karma (the law of cause and effect) when you give and receive. You cannot fully complete the karma unless you reach the point of completion but the completion doesn’t come until the gratitude is felt and expressed.

2. The Benefit of Increase

When you are grateful, you are acknowledging to yourself and the universe that you have received and are appreciative of the gifts received. When you are grateful, the universe also knows to give you more because the universe is appreciative of the opportunity it receives from giving. It is a complete circle when gratitude is given and felt.

By sharing your gratitude, you are stating to the universe your fullness. You have received. You are deserving. You are appreciative. It reinforces your wholeness and your completeness. Once you are complete on one endeavor, you can move onto the next. The more grateful and appreciative you are, the more you will be given. The universe loves grateful recipients. The more grateful you are, the more you will receive.

3. The Benefit of Love

Every act of giving and receiving is a gift of love regardless of whether or not it is a personal or business situation. If, however, the gift was given with strings or the gift is not fully received, the love is missing. With a lack of love, there is also lack of wholeness. If, however, a gift was given in love and received in love by the showing of gratitude, there is wholeness and completeness and love is exchanged and experienced by both.

The more love that exists in a moment, the more love is expressed and felt in the world. It permeates everything and especially everything you do out of that moment when the love was borne and expressed.

The more gratitude felt and expressed, the more abundant your world will be and the more love you will have in that world.