The Spiritual Weather Report

Obviously many have been unnerved as well as are affected by the current storms. Archangel Faith shared with me a spiritual weather report:


I can see the alarm, fear and concern regarding the predicted storms, as well as from the aftermath of the last one named Harvey.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we are’t brought in to supervise some activity affecting humanity. It is always with regard to free will. But, nonetheless, we are made aware of every nuance impacting humanity and lending a helpful hand when and where possible. Our assistance is limited by free will choice. However, when disasters occur, there are more prayers inviting us in. We take advantage of every invitation to come in and assist.

Many, however, block our assistance as they aren’t tuned into our frequency when asking for our help. Therefore, they may miss the guidance we provide when responding. We operate on a certain frequency and you on another. However, the higher you raise your vibration, the easier it is for us to directly connect with you.

We want to help. We always do. But, are often limited by your ability to receive our help or recognize our signs when doing so. Many times we work through others and you find a helpful hand extended through those willing to allow it. So, when inspired to help another, it may be us trying to work through you to help. If someone is extending themselves to you, we may be working through them to assist you.

If you block the generosity of another, you may be blocking us. And, sometimes it is blocking the solution to your prayers for assistance. Don’t resist. Be grateful. Be open to receiving that which is offered to you.

Archangel Faith