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Dr. Joy S. Pedersen     Founder & CEO
Author, Speaker, Angelic Channel & Healer
Serving Individuals as well as their businesses
  Do you effortlessly have everything you want?
  Is your life free of struggle, doubt, fear and worry?
  Do you always have more money than you need?
  Do you always have the resources you require?
  Are all your relationships pleasant, kind and respectful?
  Do you confidently live in your power all of the time?
  Is your life one of flow, peace, balance, joy and abundance?

If you answered no to any of the above, you may have unconscious blocks sabotaging your success that can be released to help you achieve success quicker and easier. You deserve and can have a life of love, joy, peace and abundance.


If you are experiencing the typical challenges of today regarding money, relationship issues, career or business ups and downs, feel lost, overwhelmed, fearful, confused, doubtful, stressed, or have limiting beliefs, you can release the cause and instead experience peace, balance, clarity, courage and power and attain your goals and desired results more effortlessly. Spiritual healing is an easy way to change outcomes to both personal and business experiences and outcomes.


Thank you. Working with you has made all the difference in my life. - BT

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You are now an official member of my medical team. I feel so much better, more positive, less stressed and grateful. - Jennifer. M.

I was attracting clients who couldn’t afford my fees. The same day we did our session and cleared my previous lifetimes of poverty, I received two paying clients. -

M.F. , Female CPA

My husband changed his mind about a divorce. - B.B., NJ

My daughter no longer has a death wish. Thank you for all your help on her behalf. - R.D.

Our work together has provided just about everything I have wanted in my life. Although we continue to work together on incidents in life, I am happy for what we’ve accomplished together. I have peace in my life for the first time and I am looking forward to accomplishing the last portion. That being said, I cannot imagine our not working together because what you have brought to my life is beyond measure and there are so many applications for your work. Amazing! - Steve. R. - CA

My mother glows after your work together. - S.M.

Working with you is easy and has made life so much easier and SWEETER. Thank you. I think what you do is amazing. - Barbara M.

My business continues to grow and flow. I don’t know how you make the difference. I just know you do. - M.P., FL

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