If you want a relationship?

If you aren’t in the right relationship, we will clear the unconscious contributing causes blocking you from attracting the right relationship. 

If you are in a relationship that has had or is challenging?

If you want to clear some of the issues contributing to your current romantic relationship being challenging, we will give you the opportunity to have those cleared during this call without your having to know what the real cause is or having to mention them to those on the call.

If you have had unpleasant memories or expectations of Valentine’s Day?

We will clear all negative memories and attachments to Valentine’s Day. When you have negative memories about a situation, you can attract negative experiences. When you have expectations, you will limit the experience and encourage disappointment.

Do you have past relationships that you haven’t fully let go of yet?

The negative memories and unhealthy attachments to past relationships can be holding you back from having a completely healthy one or attracting the right one now. You may not even be aware of these attachments but they could still be holding you back.

Let go of attachments to past loves, whether you separated through death, divorce, moved or moved on.

Let go of negative memories, emotions, arguments and disappointments of the last year with your relationship(s) or dating.

The Finale

We will end the call by including a healing and blessing for Valentine’s Day, love, and your relationships and request the ultimate outcome respectively that you are in the right relationships that are healthy and ideal for you.

The call is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 8:00 PM EST and will last about one hour.

The call is open to a limited number of participants because of the type of call it is.

Participants will be provided call-in information upon registration. When you dial in to the call, a spiritual process will be opened and there will be general information included that will be cleared as it applies to all on the call. You will also be prompted to mentally include your specific issues. Whatever is included while the spiritual process is open will be cleared by Divinity. Whatever Divinity determines will be cleared in your best interests in the appropriate way and timing for your highest and best results for you.

Even though it is a small group on the call, the participants and their issues are private and you will not be sharing your specific issues with anyone. If you are participating as a couple, I will need the name, address and email of both participants so they are properly cleared. The work begins when the person registers.

Gift certificates are also available. Upon registration, you may email your request for a gift certificate and the name of the recipient and a pdf of the certificate will be sent to you.

Dr. Joy Pedersen is a licensed spiritual healer who was trained in a particular spiritual healing process in 1986 that opens a channel to Divinity for Divinity to heal the cause of problem, clear unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and negative memories contributing to the challenges experienced today for the individual. Her gifts of clearing karma, and the past life memories that are contributing to these challenges, help the healing process.

NOTE: One call may not be sufficient to gain the complete results you desire but whatever is cleared due to this call will contribute to healthier and more optimal experiences and relationships.

Testimonial: “I attended a group clearing to let go of relationship I was in that was no longer appropriate and the call helped me let go of him and create a new relationship.” - I. Roberts. 

“I was having trouble with my husband and this call helped me release some of the tension between us. Thank you.” - M. Reese

If you need further information or prefer a private telephone consultation, feel free to email info@expresssuccess.net.

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Clear for Better Relationships

Clearing Conference Call - Relationships, Romance, Love:

Please note that once we receive notification of your participation, you will be sent instructions regarding the call to your email address. Please email info@expresssuccess.net if you do not receive those instructions.