Clear for Better Relationships

Clearing Conference Call - Relationships, Romance, Love:

Please note that once we receive notification of your participation, you will be sent instructions regarding the call to your email address. Please email if you do not receive those instructions.



Do you want to be in a healthy romantic relationship?

If you aren't in a current relationship (or you are sure you are in the wrong relationship), this is your opportunity to clear the unconscious causes that contribute to blocking you from attracting the right relationship into your life now. 

Are you are in a relationship that is challenging?

If you want to clear up issues contributing to your current romantic relationship being a challenge you will have the opportunity to do that during this call. You do not need to consciously know what the real causes are and you don't have to mention them in front of any others on this group call.  Everything is private.

Do you have unpleasant memories or expectations of Valentine’s Day?

You can clear all the negative memories and attachments you have built up around Valentine’s Day and what it represents to you. Whether conscious or unconscious, negative memories about any situation frequently attract further negative experiences.  When you have certain expectations based on things you believe about any situation, you limit the possible experiences you can have now and in the future and encourage disappointment instead of fulfillment.

Have you completely let go of all your past relationship issues?

The negative memories and unhealthy attachments to past relationships you hold are likely holding you back from having a completely healthy relationship or attracting the right relationship now. You may not even be aware of these attachments but they can still be a major stumbling block to having the type of romantic relationship you truly desire.  This call will allow you to let go of conscious and unconscious attachments to past loves, whether you separated willingly or unwillingly through death, divorce, moving or betrayal.

The Finale

The call will end by including a healing and blessing for Valentine’s Day, love, and your relationships, followed by a request that the ultimate outcome for you be a healthy ideal relationship with your current partner or attract the right person who serves your highest good in this lifetime.

The call is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 8:00 PM EST and will last about one hour.

The call is open to a limited number of participants because of the type of call it is and the depth of clearing we will do together.  Participants will be provided call-in information upon registration.

When you dial in to the call, a spiritual process will be opened and there will be general information included that will be cleared as it applies to all on the call. You will also be prompted to mentally include your specific issues. 

Divinity will clear whatever is included while the spiritual process is open.  Divinity determines exactly what will be cleared according to your best interests in the appropriate way and timing for your highest good.  You need only trust that Divinity will provide the best results for you and be open to what follows in your life.

Even though it is a small group on the call, the participants and their issues are private and you will not be sharing your specific issues with anyone. If you are participating as a couple, I will need the name, address and email of both participants so they are properly cleared. 

This is a powerful process and deciding to be part of it signals to Divinity that you are willing and asking for clearing of your relationship issues, so the work actually begins when the person registers for this call.

Gift certificates are also available. Upon registration, you may email your request for a gift certificate and the name of the recipient and a pdf of the certificate will be sent to you.

Dr. Joy Pedersen is a licensed spiritual healer who was trained in a particular spiritual healing process in 1986 that opens a channel to Divinity for Divinity to work through her on your behalf.  Through this channel, Divinity can truly heal the underlying cause of any problem. Divinity will clear unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and negative memories contributing to the challenges you are experiencing today. This simple yet profound process releases you from your past experiences and emotions so you can finally move forward and live life fully and joyfully. Dr. Joy’s gifts of clearing past life memories and karma that are contributing to the challenges in your life today are unique and her commitment is to sharing this healing process with all the people Divinity directs into her life.

Note: One call may not be sufficient to gain the complete results you desire but whatever is cleared due to this call will contribute to healthier and better experiences and relationships.  Some people have experienced tremendous immediate changes in their life while others see more subtle differences. Regardless of the visible outcome, as long as you let go, whatever is included will be cleared at the present moment and your future life will have been touched in a positive way during the process.

Testimonials: “I attended a group clearing to let go of relationship I was in that was no longer appropriate and the call helped me let go of him and create a new relationship.” - I. Roberts 

“I was having trouble with my husband and this call helped me release some of the tension between us. Thank you.” - M. Reese

“I felt better before I got off the phone.” - R. Nathanson

Special: In honor of Love, the balance of February will offer you a special of 20% discount for those interested in working on relationship issues.

Clearing Call $55.00