Express Success was formed in 1981 by Joy Pedersen while she was working at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. People called her in the Network Publicity Department to network with her as they were also interested in getting a job there. Realizing that it had been significantly easier to get her ideal job than others were experiencing, she was curious what set her apart. That lead to learning the steps to success including the law of attraction.

She apparently had unknowingly been using the law of attraction and networking to get her job although prior to getting the job had never heard those terms. These natural abilities apparently had very specific steps to them. After discovering what they were, intentionally applied them to a variety of areas of life with consistent success.

Appreciating the benefits of achieving success more effortlessly than seeing other experiences, she wanted to help others achieve success more quickly and easily. Out of this desire, Express Success was born. She began offering workshops while still working at Paramount.

After achieving consistent results using the law of attraction, also discovered that she had better results with achieving everything she desired other than when it came to money. Manifesting money was more of a challenge. Recognizing the discrepancy with money versus everything else, she knew there had to be blocks within herself to manifesting money as easily and effortlessly as she could other things.

That sent her down a quest to figure out a way to identify and release those blocks. Her intention lead her to be introduced to a woman, Morrnah Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna and Founder of the Foundation of I. Ms. Simeona updated an ancient spiritual process, ho’oponopono, an Hawaiian term that means to correct and set aright.

After taking Basic I, II and III training of this spiritual process, she never felt the need to look for another solution as it could be applied to all areas of life to clear the path ahead. Spiritual healing offered the fastest way to achieve desired results.

While utilizing this process for her own purposes, she continued doing workshops helping people succeed.

The other piece to her success was networking so she started the first woman’s business network group in Los Angeles followed by the first Entertainment Business Network.

Upon leaving the entertainment business after ten years, she returned to her hometown in New Jersey. There the focus of Express Success became teaching networking.

Although she taught networking across the country and in Canada helping people succeed quicker and easier through networking.

Seeing people struggle in a more profound way, Pedersen recognized there was nothing more effective than the spiritual process that made all the difference in her life to help. Therefore, rather than continue teaching networking, something that became more popular along with other people now teaching the subject and many groups to choose to network within, she changed her focus.

Express Success was then reborn with the same purpose to help people succeed quicker and easier but by taking a spiritual approach. When you work on the spiritual level, you can change the physical expression and experience of life.

Workshops are still part of the mix but she now serves an international clientele via Skype and telephone clearing the cause of people’s challenges. Using intuitive skills she identifies the subconscious issues negatively affecting the person’s life, business, relationships, money, health and wellbeing clearing them using her spiritual process.

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