Clarity Consultations:


Everything you said was correct. L.M.

I feel so much better now that has been cleared up. R.N.

I woke up happy and relaxed for the first time in months. M.J.

Feel free to call 973.706.8212 for a no-obligation discussion to see if we offer an appropriate fit for your needs. We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to call.  — Joy

Joy’s personal approach in our consultation to really listening as to get to root of the issues we are working on and seeing those issues resolved in a favorable way really make it a pleasure to work with her!



You have a very special, powerful gift. — Elizabeth M.

Thank you for your healing work. It was phenomenal! You are certainly on the right path. What a gift! I will highly recommend you to my friends. You're good at what you do! —Debbie Cocchio

Dr. Joy Pedersen gave me a reading, channeling, clearing recently. It was the first time I’ve had this done and I found it very enlightening. We were on Skype for approximately 45 minutes when we signed off. I asked that I be given time to digest everything and we could talk again at a later date. I made lunch and as I was about to take a bite I stopped mid bite, frozen in time, while I watched people from my memory floating out of me and disappear into thin air. Wow, what an experience! It was absolutely magical. There are lifetimes to clear and if this is the solution I cannot wait to meet with Dr. Pedersen again.

Penelope Rion

I have a constant flow of happy clients who are appreciative of the results they receive and purchase more products than usual since working with you. 
— L.B. Salon owner

I had so many feelings come up during our consultation as you hit home on some things you pointed out and was grateful to have them released before we got off the phone.

Fran S.

Thanks, again, for the clearing last night. I feel better today and think it will keep improving. When you mentioned the cause of my scenario, I got chills and it made perfect sense. M.F. 

The color in my face returned and I am now breathing better. C.V.

Joy is not only a trusted friend but also a gifted receiver and transmitter of spiritual wisdom and healing. Her energy and divine messages helped me release some nearly paralyzing fear only a few hours before I was to facilitate a workshop. I was transformed in minutes and the workshop went smoothly. I am grateful.

Dr. Catherine P. Perry

The thoughts and feelings you said while elaborating on my past lives are exactly the same that I have felt my whole life. Amazing. — P.S.

The results from our last session are absolutely miraculous. I am feeling 85% better overall since we started working together last week. I have had those negative feelings my whole life and now I don’t have them any longer. I noticed a difference as soon as I hung up from you. My son could see marked improvement. It really works. I would like to tell others to do this. — 60 year-old businessman

My boyfriend and I broke up weeks ago and after our clearing, I felt freer. The next day I felt more clear and energetic. The headache I had for the three days before our session was gone by the time our session was over. Thank you

Alena Rose

Your session helped my younger daughter a lot. thank you :)


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