Clarity Consultations:

Personal Consultations:

Single Sessions

Each individual telephone session is geared to the needs, issues and problems at hand. Focus is on the client’s current concerns and they are included in a process that is opened with Divinity. All issues are included as well as anything Dr. Pedersen is shown to include as well.

Sessions are scheduled in one-hour blocks. Investment is $225

Business Consultations:

Mini Sessions:

The mini session is designed for the new person who would like a taste of the experience or for a regular client who has an issue come up that would like a quick clearing on it.

Sessions is scheduled in 20-minute blocks, when availability exists. Investment is $75

Absentee Sessions:

The client submits issues they want cleared via email and the work is done without the individual.

Investment is $100

Monthly Maintenance:

If you want the work to be done in absentee and want something cleared on a daily basis on your behalf, a general request is made for whatever is required to be cleared that day and divinity handles the rest. 

Investment is $300

Group Conference Call Clearing:

Conference call where participants call into a set number. A process is opened and everyone on the call is included in the process. Some calls may be on a specific topic and others of a more general nature but specific to those participating. You are also welcome to get your own group together.

Investment is $55

Executive or Entrepreneur:

If you wish to do a clearing on your business, it may fall under the category and investment of an individual session or if more comprehensive, may be per project taking into consideration the number of employees and what issues are to be cleared.

Investment is per session or per project.

I feel so much better now that has been cleared up. - R.N.

Half-Hour Sessions:

This 30-minute session is geared for those who have minor issues or situations that need to be cleared that don’t require more time or we find are appropriate for special requests.

Investment is $115

Property Clearing:

Owner or Realtor:

Clear the property from the beginning of time of negative energies.

House Clearing:

Home Owner or Realtor:

Clear the negative energy from a home and property to prepare for sale or once a sale has taken place. Can be used at any time while home is occupied to clear the old and negative energy. Done remotely and includes a blessing for the home.

If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your check made payable to Express Success to 2437 Crossing Way, Wayne, NJ 07470, so it arrives at least three days in advance of session, or the session may have to be postponed until the check clears.

For payment by check, see below.

Special Projects:

For some projects, there is an agreed upon investment. Please use this donate button to enter the agreed upon amount.

Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life

Angel Bonus Package:

This is a special package of 5 45-minute sessions at $695.00.

Energy Clearing

Clear the negative energy attached to you. Rebalance your energies. $55