Case Studies

Business Woman

Woman came to me who was having trouble deciding what business or career she would do next. A situation in her childhood came up where she was told that she would never be successful at helping anyone. We released that memory to the Divine for healing and clearing so she would no longer make choices in her life based on the the belief she absorbed as a child.

Business Man

Man was having trouble closing deals. We worked on a variety of contributing factors including when he was cursed by a woman in his childhood, which he had taken to heart. We cleared that and before the session ended, saw the woman, who is now deceased, in tears, asking for his forgiveness.

Business Man

Man was having trouble manifesting business, we saw and cleared a lifetime he had as a monk. The monk actually appeared and shared that he no longer had to live this type of life. We also released his connections he had to this life.

Please note, included here are some highlights from sessions to give a flavor of what may occur.

Business Man - Personal

Man was attracted to a young woman from another country who it was not practical with whom to have a relationship. We cleared their previous connection from another life and they no longer had the attraction and the relationship dissolved on its own.

Business Man - Personal

Man was always going back to the same woman although they were both trying to move on. Their past life connections were cleared and they both moved on.

Business Woman

Woman was having trouble getting business. We identified a block she had to receiving.

Business Woman - Personal

Woman had to relocate immediately to something affordable that didn’t seem feasible to accomplish under current circumstances. As we worked on her finding an ideal situation, opportunities opened up and she found something from an unusual set of circumstances that came her way that cost her less than she had budgeted.

Teacher - Woman

Following one consultation, woman reported having increased flow and abundance opening in her life. Evidence came in significant savings for high-end projects, small lottery winnings and opportunities opening, which caused her to notice the difference from before the initial session.

Man was suffering from shoulder pain. Issues of abuse, burdens, fear, crime and punishment from past lives were revealed that were contributing to the pain. These were released.

Shoulder Pain

Business Woman - Personal and Business

We covered a lot of past life topics that were impacting her current business and spending issues. Feedback was that night she felt more confident in her activities.

Woman - Abuse

A woman had abusive relationships since childhood. During our session, numerous other lifetimes of abuse were also discovered. Upon completion of her clearing, she actually saw people she knew of disappear in her mind’s eye.